Exterior Cleaning Services in Fort Collins and Boulder, CO


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How many people will come?
Typically we have 1 or 2 techs on any given project. However, depending on the size of your project, we may have more techs arrive for your service. If you are short on time please let us know ahead and we will try to plan accordingly.
What is the cost of your service?
Although we do have a standard pricing table to assign pricing estimates for projects, there is no standard project so every customer's price will be different depending on the size of the property, the condition and the service requested.
Do you use harsh chemicals?
The majority of our cleaning solutions are mild, however we may use stronger chemicals on stains or to kill bacteria growth as needed. However we do not use strong chemicals for interior work.
How often should I have my windows cleaned?
For residential customers we typically recommend having your windows cleaned every 6 months to a year. However every home is different so we do have some clients that have their windows cleaned every month. For commercial clients it may be every week depending on the foot or vehicle traffic near the windows.
Are you insured?
Yes we are fully insured. Our insurance certificate is available upon request.
How do you clean windows?
Depending on the condition of the glass we clean windows using a squeegee and mild detergent, a scrub pad or window mop.
We also may use a water-fed pole with a brush to reach glass using pure water. After scrubbing the glass we will rinse it with pure water and leave it to dry spot-free.